FAQ / Peace of Mind

  Are there any hidden costs?

No. Our fees are final and include GST.

  Can I give personal effects to be taken with my pet?

Yes of course you can. Small items such as photos, collars, favourite toys and so on. We do believe though, it is important to keep some mementos and personal items with you so the cherished memories of your beloved pet are with you always.

  Can I view my pet at the crematorium?

Yes of course you can, if you wish. We have an open door policy.You can book time in our beautiful viewing room to either say goodbye or watch your pet go into the afterlife.

  Do you take care of small pets such as rabbits and snakes?

Yes. We take special care of exotic pets such as birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, reptiles, mice and rats.

  How do I know it's my pets ashes I receive back?

This is the most important question asked and one that should be asked to any pet cremation company that you are considering using. Simon Neal, founder of Heavenly Creatures and his family give their unconditional guarantee of INDIVIDUAL PET CREMATIONS. We understand how important this is and how traumatic it is to lose a pet and with this in mind we also have an open door policy.

  Is it true that you can cremate multiple pets at once?

At Heavenly Creatures we have a dedicated and purpose built pet crematorium. We can only cremate one pet at a time due to its construction as it is modelled exclusively on its human counterpart.

This is our guarantee with the pets that we have collected. Our experience and knowledge of this industry has shown that if you do not have your own crematoria you lose control of the entire pet cremation process. Which we are proud of.